In their seven last games, the Lakers have lost five of seven.

LeBron made an honest assessment of Friday’s Los Angeles Lakers triple-overtime defeat to the Sacramento Kings.

James was the team’s leader with 30 points, shooting 10-of-25. In 50 minutes, he had seven rebounds and 11 assists. However, he was only 2-of-13 from three-point range. Los Angeles lost the game, 141 to 137.

James stated that he felt like he played a terrible game as an individual and holds himself to a higher standard. “I have to do better for this group, especially when we go through what we are going through on the court.”

James said, “It’s always either a miss or make situation. People see the highlights and then say “Oh, he missed that.” But I didn’t feel pressured by the looks I received. I wasn’t speeded up. Great looks. I actually got better looks tonight than I did in Indy. They were mine.

After losing to Sacramento, the Lakers have a record of 10-11 and are now below.500. They have also lost five of seven previous games.

Frank Vogel, Lakers coach, said that when we have the chance to knock out a team, we allow them to stay. “We knew that the first season would be difficult. It is important to win these games, but this team has a bigger-picture mentality.

Russell Westbrook scored 29 points, Anthony Davis 23, and Malik Monk 20, while the bench had 20.

“You know, 10-11. Davis stated, “You know, 10-11. We’re now 20-11 after a 10-game winning streak. We’ll now shut everyone up. It’s up to us. It’s going to be hard. It’s not going to be easy.