The Celebrities Were there at the time, the existence of domestic violence in the marriage of Jennifer Aniston (50) and Justin Theroux (48)? According to Us Radar Online, it seems everything is on point. The web site could get their hands on a few leaked, and a disturbing call to the emergency services, all of which are from the home of Jennifer Aniston have been carried out.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux went to the end of 2018 from each other. It’s a couple, two years married, announced their separation in February of this year. But it’s only now that komtaan in the light of that, there may be several violent incidents that have played out behind-the-scenes of their marriage.According to Radar Online, was also set “a disturbing distress call, with allegations of domestic violence committed vanuitAnistons luxury villas in Los Angeles, california. It is when drugs are involved.

The most troubling phone call about “a female suspect, who has no clothes wearing”. It should be in the middle of the night in the garage of the villa for a male fall victim with a knife, and have been threatened.”The caller told the emergency services that there is already a case of “there is a history of domestic violence at the address.

According to the official records of the police department, they found, however, no evidence of a crime” when they arrived. The report adds that the people who were involved in the incident have not been identified. It is, therefore, not with any degree of certainty whether it is actually Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux went to. However, according to Radar Online, it is now a foregone conclusion.

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