Berlin, Deutschland 1. Juni 2022: 43. Sitzung des Deutschen Bundestags - 2022 Im Bild: Wolfgang Kubicki, Bundestagsvizepräsident FDP Deutscher Bundestag Berlin *** Berlin, Germany 1 June 2022 43 Session of the German Bundestag 2022 Pictured Wolfgang Kubicki, Bundestag Vice President FDP German Bundestag Berlin Copyright: xFotostandx/xReuhlx

As a consequence of the Corona evaluation report, FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki has called for the dismissal of RKI President Lothar Wieler. It is “inevitable” that Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) will dismiss the President of the Robert Koch Institute “as responsible for this misery,” Kubicki told the “Welt am Sonntag” according to the advance notice.

The data chaos denounced by the FDP is now officially named with the report. At the RKI, a “restart in terms of personnel” is necessary.

The FDP sees itself “confirmed in the criticism that has been expressed since the beginning of the pandemic” by the report of the committee of experts, Kubicki continued. The measures were largely disproportionate and undemocratic and “too often lacked any scientific basis,” said the deputy party leader. The FDP parliamentary group will now quickly discuss what this “shattering report” means for the further discussion on infection law.

The FDP politician Frank Schäffler also called for Wieler’s resignation. The report must lead to “consequences in terms of personnel at the head of the RKI,” he told the newspaper, adding: “Mr. Wieler is obviously unable to improve the situation.” The report reveals blatant deficiencies in the “data situation and the scientific monitoring of the pandemic”. According to Schäffler, it was a scandal that “sometimes senseless restrictions on fundamental rights were decided on this “inadequate basis”.