New jersey has a rich history of Nations, the medieval town, and the legend of Ros Beiaard is fully represented in Playmobil. This is Ken Callebaut (42) in the work. By march 2020, it needs to be a plan of more than 30 square meters, will be ready. “And there are only ideas,” says Callebaut, whose house is now almost completely filled with Playmobil spare parts. Or, how to be a child’s dream come true resulted in an incredible passion.

back in The living room is filled with little figures from Playmobil. And to the guest room and the stair well to accommodate twice as many accessories, and structures, props, and buildings, the same toys. Who wants to Know Callebaut is they want, I don’t know where to look first, as its vast collection of displays. “I used to be a very big fan of Playmobil,” he says. “It’s speelgoedmerk offered the incredible amount of themes and worlds to explore, down to the smallest detail. I was very passionate about historical issues and felt that, even thought-provoking. Playmobil is wonderful in its simplicity. I played with it for hours and hours and hours on end. With age, and disappeared with the toys in the background, but during the course of the further studies and came to love, and I began frantically to collect them.”