League Cup-Liverpool’s coach, Jürgen Klopp, after the end of the penalty shoot-out, won the quarter-final in the English League Cup against Arsenal, surprisingly put out in the press conference.

German underlined that Liverpool are in the quarter-finals of a second cup in the uk in december, will not be able to finish it, because it is participating in the world cup for clubs in Qatar, which is where the Liverpool to win the Champions League to join. “If there is no way out of the bus, pulling us back,” he noted. In the meantime, sat with the Liverpool according to the Daily Telegraph, together with the English football association (FA). As a possible option, that is, the ‘Reds’ in the Carabao’s Cup, on 17 and 18 to play with a team of young men, while the A-team than at the same time, compete in the world CHAMPIONSHIP for clubs as well.