Hasselt”, A group of fifteen klimaatactivisten of Extinction patrick’s day celebration fell on tonight, the inside of the Hasselt city council. They rolled off the streets and went to the banks, by the board of mayor and aldermen alone.

a Moment later, fladderden there will also be pamphlets from the balcony to down below. “I have major concerns,” said an activist may Not be Rabijns. “In particular, my four-year-old daughter. There will be a drastic climate change in our lives. As long as you have the realities of the climate crisis is not acknowledged, when you meet all the hopeless, in addition to the discussion.” According to her, takes supporting the promised targets are not.

Mayor Steven Vandeput (N-VA) listened to the arguments of the activists. He stressed, however, that there are other ways to get to the city, and that the disruption of a city council is prohibited. None of the activists had been arrested. As a member repte is for the council room.

President, William Fissette (N-VA) has announced that there will be a report that will be prepared. “At the meetings of the council are open to the public, but it should not be interrupted due to the audience. The rules and regulations are very clear in this respect. We are going to PV, send to the public prosecutor’s office.”