Showbiz, Kirsten Smith (36), the schrijfkriebels’ well to deal with. Previously, she wrote the fictional book ‘Living With ‘ The Devil’, and ‘Emma’, now points her to live it down in the end. That is, the Limburger itself on social media.

“we have started to work on yet another new book, please let Kirsten know in via Facebook. However, she is still mysterious: what are the details of the aspects of her life just to offer it will come up, will let you in on them yet. Also, it is not yet known if its end on the shelves of shops will show up.

this is now the third book in the ex-The Sky is the Limit, the face. Previously, she wrote ‘Living With The Devil, this time it was the sequel to ‘Emma,’ < / i> (named after the main character in the book, ed.). will be ready. In boekenbeschreef Kirsten, who lives with Emma, a girl who falls in love with a wealthy businessman. The business is addicted to drugs, and BDSM-and if Emma is in a deep valley, till they are on the verge of a fatal act of doing it.

It is the last few letters of the name of the businessman ‘Sébastian’ to match that of her famous ex-boyfriend, Jan Kriekels, according to Smith’s rather a coincidence. Just like the fact that it has a male main character with an eye-catching sports car to drive, in the town of villa living, with two children from a previous relationship, and often for the rest of the world for business.