Kind of weird that accompanied the death of Nadezhda Krupskaya

History 01/01/20 Some oddities that accompanied the death of Nadezhda Krupskaya

Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya can be considered a long-liver among the old Bolsheviks. Lenin’s wife was lucky to escape repressions. And dead 70-year-old Krupskaya, according to the official version, for quite natural reasons. However, the strangeness that accompanied the care of Hope konstantinovny to the light, give the right to doubt the last statement.

Cake Stalin

says Roy Medvedev, the author of the book “the judgment of history. On Stalin and Stalinism”, 24 February 1939 Nadezhda K. Krupskaya noted in the Archangel in a narrow circle of friends their own 70th anniversary. In honor of Krupskaya received a gift from Stalin cake. This fact gave rise to rumors that the wife of Lenin was poisoned by Stalin. Later a similar version was expressed by Nikita Khrushchev. Meanwhile, according to Medvedev, the cake enjoyed not only the words but also her guests, who were not injured. Nevertheless, one should not discount the fact that health Krupskaya badly shaken in these days.

Upcoming conference

the fact that at the beginning of March 1939, in Moscow was held the XVIII Congress of the Communist party. According to one version, mentioned in particular in the book of I. A. Semashko “100 great women”, Krupskaya had planned to speak at this Congress criticizing Stalin. However, this assumption neither confirm nor deny it is impossible: there are no documents showing that Nadezhda Konstantinovna had indeed prepared such a speech. But at the Congress it was certainly going to. At least, as he wrote Sophia Levidow and Saar Pavlica in the newspaper “Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya”, even in a hospital bed Krupskaya for a moment came to himself and declared: “you are what You want, and I in Congress will go.”

at First the Cheka, then the doctors

it is Noteworthy that at the hospital bed Nadezhda Krupskaya was also not immediately. Approval of Helium kleimenova, author of “the Truth and lies about the Ulyanov family,” when Krupskaya felt bad, first arrived in Arkhangelsk are not doctors, and the NKVD, who immediately made a wife of the leader of the proletariat under house arrest. Doctors have examined the patient and diagnosed her only after more than three hours. Doctors have suspected Nadezhda Konstantinovna appendicitis, as a result it was decided to transport urgently to the Kremlin hospital and make the appropriate operation. On the road to Moscow from Krupskaya several times heart, which significantly worsened the situation.

had surgery?

according to Boris Sokolov, author of the book “Lenin and Inessa Armand”, 28 February 1939, in a press there were publications about the disease Krupskaya. In the notes it was stated that the disease develops rapidly and is accompanied by a decline of cardiac muscle, therefore surgical intervention is impossible. However, the nurse Lily Lysiak, the words of which are given in the edition of Michael Stein “Ulyanovs and Lena: secrets of the family”, claimed that Krupskaya was still operated. And when Lysiak asked the duty surgeon what kind of operation was moved Nadezhda Konstantinovna, as in “he mumbled something undefined”.

the Doctor Frunze

But the special interest is not the identity of the person on duty of the surgeon, and the personality of the Professor who performed the surgery. This Professor was Alexey Dmitrievich ockin. About this fact he mentions in his book “Leaders and associates. Surveillance. Slander. Persecution of” the famous historian Nikolay Zenkovich. It should be noted that occin as an anesthesiologist there during the surgery of Mikhail Frunze. Writes Alex Gromov in his book “the people’s Commissar Frunze”, by many experts, among whom was the people’s Commissar of health Nikolai Semashko, stated that the cause of death of Frunze was an overdose of drugs that made Alex Ochkin.

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