In the regular championship of the Continental hockey League Chelyabinsk “Tractor” inflicted a major defeat “Siberia”. The meeting was held in the far East, ended with “dry” the bill 4:0 in favor of Chelyabinsk.

However, the victory was a war on hockey players “Tractor” is not so easy. The first goal of the owners of the ice scored only a 25 minute when the account was opened by Nick Bailen. Then in the match on 25 minutes, again came the drought. Only in the final 10 minutes Tomas Geek and double-Lukas Sedlak brought the matter to the defeat.

For “Tractor” this victory was the fourth in six previous matches of the League. Chelyabinsk, in spite of this, with 53 points continues to close the Eastern conference. “Siberia” with 70 points and is in fifth place on the same East.