Celebrities, and Since the death of his infant daughter in 1999, which led to Keanu Reeves (55), ostensibly a stay a bachelor. No striking relationship with the co-stars of the movie, no affairs with supermodels. However, it seems that the actor is, however, still at last love has found the one. On the red carpet of the LACMA Art and Film Gala, he appeared in the part of Alexandra Grant’s (46), an artist who he has know for years.

Keanu Reeves has for many years been one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. You should expect to have a prosperous love life with it, but in the case of Reeves, it is nothing further from the truth. Although he is a here-and-there, however, is linked to a co-worker, seemed to those ‘relationships’ never been in anything serious to be run. It is the result of a tragedy in his past, or so it seems. At the end of the nineties, it had Keanu in a relationship with Jennifer Syme, a budding actress, a personal assistant to. The couple was very happy and even thought of starting a family. On the 24th of december, 1999, – year-old daughter, Ava, to the world. Unfortunately, the girl was dead on arrival. It was the end of that Keanu’s relationship with Her, though they remained good friends. But a few months later, he got to re-apply. On april 2, 2000, the day after, the two are still together, go on a trip around the world, has lost Her control over her car, and she drove into three parked cars. The woman got out of her car and gezwierd, and died on the spot. She was just 28-years-old.

death struck deep wounds for Keanu. “At times, it seems as if he will no longer trust in order to have a relationship with anyone else to go with it,” he said to one of his closest friends, to the People. Keanu himself was feeling particularly lonely, he talked to the Star2: “I’m a lonely guy. I haven’t seen one in my life…. However, it had yet to happen, I would be that the other person will respect and love him. Hopefully, it will never happen again.”


now, let’s see nineteen years after the death of Her features Keanu once again love is found. By Alexandra Grant, an American artist, who mainly works in sculpture and painting. The two met each other for more than ten years ago, it happened during a dinner party. It was the beginning of a great friendship, but also a professional relationship, wantin 2011, you should Choose the drawings for the book of Keanu, in ‘Ode To Happiness’. Four years later, he provided the illustrations for his poëzieboek, ‘the Shadows’. The partnership seems to be so comfortable, that it was a duo in the summer of 2017, in a private publishing house set up: X X X Artists’ Books. The company wants to focus on “uncommon partnerships”, and “books don’t really have a place because they are situated between the genres are,” said Alexandra, and Keanu, in 2018, in an interview with Los Angeles Magazine. According to the journalist, were two of the very well with each other, and spoke to them “in a comfortable, abbreviations, inspired by jokes from the inside out and is all smiles.”

And you will see that the two are, therefore, for the first time on the red carpet. It’s such an unusual gesture for such a private actor, and that Keanu clearly, it seems that he is once again ready for love.