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Crime 03/11/19 Kalina Nikiforova: why is “wife” jap called the “mother of all thieves”

This woman had great authority in the criminal environment of the Soviet Union and had the highest status of thieves only because belonged to the fairer sex. However, weak Kalina Nikiforov none of those who knew her well, called could not.

She is “Julia”

According to the veteran Moore Alexei Sukharev, Nikiforov was the most valued lover for the thief in the law Vyacheslav Ivankov (jap) (died from wounds after shots of the killer in 2009). First husband Nikiforova was an elderly rich jeweler (after his death, the widow left her husband’s name itself). The General-the Lieutenant of militia in resignation Vladimir Zaitsev said that my career future “mother of thieves” started in currency shop “birch”, where fartseval checks, which sold imported goods in these specialist shops. One of the regular customers Nikiforova, the black marketeer of imported Blue jeans Pasha, after the arrest, the police handed over to the investigator and her.

In those years, on charges of illegal currency transactions and could be shot. Nikiforov in 1966 condemned and sent to the Mozhaisk colony. However, she began working on the anti-corruption squad as a covert employee with the pseudonym “Julia”, told police about the small currency speculators, manufacturers of drugs and unaccounted products. About the leaders of the Soviet mafia Nikiforova prefer to remain silent. The whistleblowing inmate was released from prison on parole.

Tandem with Ivankov

the journalist of the edition “top secret” Larissa Kislinsky, author of a series of publications about the domestic criminal world, called Kalina Nikiforov very smart, nimble woman that even many well-known fraudsters of the time considered more capable than themselves. After his release from MLS Nikiforova for a bribe got a job as a waitress in a beering on the Sukharevka, where she began to earn large sums of money to the incomplete filling and the dilution of beer. There has got acquainted with representatives of criminal circles, in particular with OPG Vasil, who controlled the area of Moscow.

using the organizational skills Nikiforova, “vasilevtsy” opened in the capital of the Katran 3 underground (illegal gambling clubs), where they played the antique, the art dealers and crime bosses. In one of the catamarans Nikiforov met Jap, by that time already known in criminal circles, the leader of the gangs involved in extortion of money from “tsehovikov”, robbery and murder. As the veteran Moore Alexei Sukharev, Nikiforova knew about the crimes of the jap all, and was something of a personal Secretary with criminal authority.

According to one report Moscow police, in January 1972 in the capital, arrested the gang members, headed by Gennady Karimovym (Mongol), which included the jap. The jap then disappeared.

After meeting with Nikiforova jap began to develop a scheme of new crimes. The objects of extortion became different people, among them was even the administrator of the Maly theater. In this case the thief decided to take. The jap made a run at the “requisitioned” from administrator car, was shot. Larissa Kislinskaya says: Nikiforova, after the arrest of mafia boss Vyacheslav Ivankov was able to bribe the investigator (in the amount of bribes it was possible to get 4 “Volga”) and to turn things around so that it is the administrator of the Maly theater allegedly had the Jap, and no shooting was not.

As the civil wife of the jap, Kalina Nikiforova to the beginning of 70-ies has organized by OPG extortion of money and valuables from illegal businessmen and other wealthy Soviet citizens, worked on it about a hundred professional thieves and racketeers. The criminal group, led by Kalina Nikiforova, earned millions, and the Madam had a great reputation in the criminal world. Thief in the law prevented the only do gender: by the rules, a woman cannot belong to the representatives of that suit. However, about Kalina Nikiforov told about how the owner of a phenomenal hypnotic gift, she was able to quickly gain the confidence needed her.

Mur Veteran Ivan Biryukov recalled that she demanded of his subordinates an unquestioning obedience, and Nikiforov was not interested in how the bandits will strike from the victims the necessary data or consent to the transfer of cash and jewelry. Kalina Nikiforova herself preferred not to participate in these executions. In the mid-70 “the mother of all thieves” “rose” the mass Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union, buying up the immigrants Antiques, she dismissed rumors that it has ties that will help to take values abroad. Rich Jews paid Nikiforova for “help” a lot of money, but really no support received, they were detained at customs with contraband.

Nikiforov one has a son Victor. Said she gave birth to him from Ivankov. Jap strongly supported Viktor, who at 18 years old first went to prison in 22 years got the main thieves title (according to some reports, the mother paid for the assignment of that suit a large amount). After 5 years, Victor Kalina was shot “Lyubertsy” in retaliation for the killing of their leader Mansour.

New husband

In 1981, the godfather of the Russian mafia Vyacheslav Ivankov was arrested, he was taken in the apartment Kalina Nikiforova. Veteran Moore Alexei Sukharev stated: the investigation Nikiforova, the person questioned as a witness, behaved defiantly, stood up for jap. Moreover, it is after landing roommate put himself as “the performer of duties,” the arrested leader of the gang Ivankov – called thieves, including such authorities as brothers Kvantrishvili, gave them instructions, like “critiques”.

Recent years

After the landing of jap Kalina Nikiforova took up with another thief in law – Ruben Sargsyan (Professorsm). Together, they opened underground shop on tailoring of fashionable footwear at the state Shoe factory, with expensive imported equipment.

Soon Kalina Nikiforova, doctors discovered a deadly disease – a cancer of the blood. The hope was only for overseas doctors. In 1988, the KGB received information: at the airport in Leninakan (Armenian USSR) preparing a seizure of a passenger aircraft to export abroad a large number of Antiques and jewelry. Supervised the preparation of the crime Kalina Nikiforova, intending after the terrorist attacks to remain abroad.

But the hijacking took place in February 1988, Kalina Nikiforova died and was buried in Yerevan.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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