“We shouldn’t mock people who still wear masks, we should help them. They should be a reminder to us. They show that demagogic fear politics can make people victims of an ideology of obedience. Anyone who still wears a mask is not careful, but intimidated.”

Julian Reichelt sensed that. Reichelt was fired as editor-in-chief of “Bild” and has been working on a Julian Reichelt platform ever since. It takes time, and in order not to lose the potential audience’s attention, he has to come up with tweet after tweet. His fans should be kept happy.

I was made aware of the quoted tweet, I read it, I hesitated. Comment or not, if so, then I give Reichelt what gives him satisfaction: attention.

But now I’m writing about it, spurred on by a warning from my Corona app. “Increased risk” it says there, on Sunday I apparently had a corresponding encounter. I will test myself in the morning, full of confidence that I am not infected.

It’s all ok? Nothing is good. Julian Reichelt urges people not to wear a mask. Whatever, they are victims of an obedience ideology. They should be intimidated. But not all of them are, there are still one or the other in public who wear a mask. In my opinion, they act prudently, cautiously, with foresight, they don’t want to get infected. They don’t have to be hugged by a Julian Reichelt for that.

No matter how he gets the idea that the mask wearers have succumbed to a demagogic fear policy – he himself acts as a demagogue. People who take their health and the health of others seriously act wisely, at least more wisely than Reichelt when he suffers from Twitter diarrhea again.

My lines will not reach a Julian Reichelt. I accept that. It is more important that the cautious, the prudent, those who act responsibly do not allow themselves to be unsettled, and do not let a Reichelt tempt them in the wrong direction. Julian Reichelt is wrong.

This must be recorded, which is why this contribution is necessary.