Royalty-free Virginia, Robert Giuffre, one of the sixteen women who have been abused by the Us of child sexual abuse, suspected multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, has a last night on American television, declared that she was forced to have sex with prince Andrew.

“He was an abuser, and a participant in the sexual exploitation of children in the group of Epstein” said Virginia, in a television interview with NBC News. “The first time I was in London, I was young,” says the woman, who is Epsteins assistant and girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell also mentions, as an accomplice in the organization of the seksafspraken with underage girls. “The day was Gislaine woke me up and said, ” today you are going to have a prince to meet. I knew at that time that I traded was that prince.”

She was 17 when they were gathered together in a night club, and Andrew, and her bottles of vodka, it would have poured in. After a dance would be in the companionship of his left, with Maxwell, with Giuffre, the command would have been: “He’ll be put to the house, and I want you to do for him is to do what Epstein is doing. I couldn’t believe it.”