Jason Day pulled out of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He rushed home to Ohio in order to be with his mother when she passed away from cancer.

Dening Day was diagnosed in 2017 with lung cancer. Day shared her sad news at the Dell Match Play in Austin. After undergoing special treatment in Ohio, she returned to Australia for further treatment. Day spent the last few decades in Ohio with Day until the cancer returned.

Day wrote on an Instagram that she had died peacefully Wednesday night. Day’s sister and one of her children were able leave Australia to be with Day as her condition worsened.

Day stated, “We are deeply saddened but so grateful for the gift she gave us in living with us for almost two years.” She fought until her last breath. She made sacrifices for me to succeed, and I will always be grateful to her for the person she helped to make. We will be sorely missing her.”

Day’s father, who died of stomach cancer at the age of 12, was his only child. His mother borrowed money from her brother to pay Day for boarding school that offered a golf program. Day was in trouble. Day was able to meet Colin Swatton who became his coach, and his caddie. Day was ranked No. 1 in the world.


Ian Poulter spent his days watching the news about Russia’s war against Ukraine. He was constantly thinking about it when he created the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

He said, “We play silly golf while others are suffering in the world.”

Poulter tried his best to locate colors of the Ukraine flag, yellow trousers and a blueish top — in the Bay Hill opening round. He scored a 68.

Poulter stated, “I have quite a lot of clothes in my closet. So I found a couple colors that would kind of show them some respect.”

He said, “It’s difficult when you flip the news right now and clearly you see the devastation around the globe and you feel for people in Ukraine.” To show my support for those in need, I will wear a similar color to today. Everyone is probably thinking about all the families affected right now.


Bay Hill’s biggest topic this week was the rough. Most players were happy to see it at least around the greens.

Adam Scott said it was a penalty of half-shot because of the thick fairways. The Arnold Palmer Invitational has a new feature this year: thick grass replacing the mown areas near the greens.

Instead of hitting the 20 yard mark on a tight lie and bouncing off the greens, the ball is tucked in the deep rough. It’s still closer to the hole, so shots can be more difficult.

McDowell stated that the runoff areas that were being developed over the past seven to ten years have been removed and replaced by heavy rough, which is pulled in close to greens. McDowell said that you can be a bit more aggressive at some pin locations but the ball isn’t as far away. You will also be confronted with a thick lie on the greens.

It’s still a tough test. For the first round, the average score was 72.3