TV has A strong presence on the screen, they can be sure that Jasmine Sendar (41). This Antillean-Dutch actress and has been on the side of this Daring Building in the church-One series ‘Grenslanders to see it. She will play Tara, Respectively, is a police woman who is by herself trying to cope with. And you can take a Dip yourself, knows what this is like. In the early 2000s, she was a well-soapactrice, but at a given moment in time remained with the business. Jasmine ended up in a downward spiral of financial problems and a divorce. In the weekly TV Family says they opened their hearts to return to that period of time.

“That period of time makes me feel like the strong woman that I am today,” says Jasmine in a magazine.“That is true, yes. Because it felt as if I had failed. And it all came together. Since I don’t have much work, I ended up in debt. And, moreover, a high was like getting a divorce with the father of my son, Sol. Therefore, I had to have my house to sell it. Heavy, I can assure you… It was pure survival. But you know, sometimes you have to just shit you are going to appreciate, or else.”

Poverty is, after all, very much.

Yea, but it also makes you get creative. It’s true. I even have their own cooking show, because I needed cash. In retrospect, I can even be thankful for the difficult times.

But at the moment do you think you may have a very different opinion.

yes, of Course. As it was, I was a co-parent without any income. I was living in an expensive Amsterdam, the netherlands. Financial stress is, in my opinion, the most severe of which you may have. The debt would all pile up on it. And it worked, but not to have to pay for it. I kluste for the healthcare industry, but even I won’t. So, yes, it was as a result, I suffer from panic attacks. And that’s how I got a major depression on top of it. Phew… But I have to implement a strong stay, right?

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