Thanks for The Accommodation, it is a new installation vessel Jan De Nul Group, with a capacity of more than 3000 tons, and higher than the eiffel tower, you will be responsible for the installation of the largest wind farms in the world. Dogger bank is a shallow bank in the North sea to the east, in the North of England, and to the north-west, compared to the Netherlands.

dogger bank is sunken below the level of the sea, the North sea, but up to 9 000 a year ago, this was a piece of land in the continent of europe, with the Uk federation. 8.200 years ago, it disappeared for the last part of the Doggersland under the rising sea levels. It is from aalst, company, Jan De Nul Group, is now available on this bar, the largest wind farm in the world to install it.

5 percent of the electricity needs of the United Kingdom

The Accommodation will be the largest offshore wind turbine, the company’s Haliade-X, for the Dogger Bank wind farms, transporting it and installing it. Dogger Bank, which lies about 130 kilometers off the coast of Yorkshire, is situated, shall annually, enough energy to produce over 4.5 million families – about five per cent of the electricity needs of the United Kingdom,” says Jan De Nul Group.

as The water depths in the north sea varies between 20 and 35. Be the first to turbinepark is expected to close in 2023 will be operational.

today’s announcement marks the first contract for the Accommodation, which is in 2022, in the voyage to come. The ship is named after the European verlichtingsfilosoof, it is equipped with a highly sophisticated filter system for the exhaust gases, and this will be the first offshore installation vessel with very low emissions.

breaking ground

“We are very pleased that we have the latest generation of wind turbines for Dogger Bank park will be allowed to transport it, and install it. The size of such a huge project that fits perfectly with the capabilities of our Accommodation. It’s an indication that a new era in the construction of offshore wind farms to rise. We are proud to announce that we will, together, lead the way, take it and be part of a ground-breaking Dogger Bank, ” says Philippe Hutse, Offshore, general manager at Jan De Nul Group.

Paul Cooley, Director of capital Projects at SSE Renewables, is said to be a leader of the project. “Dogger Bank is a leading project in to the industry, and we are working with our partner, Equinor, and is particularly pleased that a leading company in the industry, Jan De Nul Group, have been able to attract to the development of the largest offshore wind farms in the world,” he said.

“The world’s most innovative wind turbines that are available in the market today, it will be the biggest hefeiland in the world to be installed,” said Steve Wilson, project director of the Dogger Bank wind farm.The Dogger Bank project in the most recent edition of the British subsidieveilingsysteem contracts are established, with a total capacity of 3.6 Gigawatts.