Paul slammed Fury in his Twitter announcement

Jake Paul announced Monday that a rematch will be held with former UFC fighter Tyron Whiteley on Dec. 18, after Tommy Fury was forced to withdraw due to a “medical condition.”

Paul, a YouTube star turned pro boxer, made the announcement via Twitter shortly after Fury’s absence was confirmed.

“It’s official. Tommy Fury is the biggest boxer —. He has withdrawn from the fight. Paul stated that the Furys pulled out of the fight because they were suffering from a “medical condition”.

“I was shocked at the news. It doesn’t feel real. He lost the largest bag of his entire life. He will now be watching me at home and paying $60, instead of me getting millions of dollars to fight him. I have fought with a broken nose. I have fought with a broken nose. It’s not worth it. This is boxing.

“It’s official. He was afraid. He was scared.

Paul claimed that his team called Woodley’s camp and offered the rematch. Woodley accepted it. Paul stated that he would offer $500,000 more if Woodley could knock him out. Paul promised to do the “crazy highlight-reel knockout.”

Paul beat Woodley by a split decision in August’s first fight. Woodley claimed he had won the fight, as Paul believed he would.

Fury, Tyson Fury’s brother, was on the Paul-Woodley show and called out Paul after he won his fight. Fury would have been the first boxer to face Paul.

The fight will take place in Tampa, Florida on Dec. 18.