Ivan Bagramyan: Marshal twice escaped execution

Biography 10/01/20 Ivan Bagramyan: Marshal twice escaped execution

Ivan Bagramyan died in 1982 at the age of 84 years. The urn containing the ashes of Marshal was solemnly buried in the Kremlin wall. However, the fate of Baghramyan could have turned out very differently. At least twice in his life he narrowly escaped execution.

Railroad and Dashnaks

Ivan Khristoforovich Bagramyan was born in 1897 in the Azerbaijani village Chardakhlu. The father of the future Marshal worked for the railroad, therefore, not surprising that Ivan Khristoforovich initially chose this specialty. Writes Julia, a Student in his encyclopedia “Generals of Russia,” Hambardzumyan entered the Tiflis railway school, and later in technical school. Both the educational institution he graduated with excellent marks. However, the railway Bagramyan worked only a few months.

In 1915, Baghramyan on a voluntary basis, entered the military service. 2 years later, when came the February revolution, Ivan Bagramyan sided with the Dashnaks and their indication was at war with Turkey, which signed a peace Treaty with Soviet Russia. However, in 1920, Manoogian has already been among the rebels against dashnagskogo government. The uprising was suppressed and its organizers executed. According to the memoirs of the commander, published in the “journal of Military history” in January 1967, he was imprisoned in the fortress and only narrowly escaped a death sentence against him simply do not have enough evidence.

the collapse of the Kharkov operation

In the same 1920, Ivan Bagramyan joined the Red Army. The beginning of the great Patriotic war Baghramyan managed to save up a lot of experience, and to graduate from the Academy of the General staff, so in 1941 he was appointed chief of operations and Deputy chief of staff of the southwestern front. In the first months of the war, as indicated in Encyclopedii “Russia” (editor, the compiler – the candidate of historical Sciences Y. A. Nikiforov), Ivan Khristoforovich showed himself as a military leader, distinguished by his insight and analytical skills. So, Bagramyan was one of the few commanders who escaped from Kiev “pot” and managed to withdraw about 20 thousand soldiers.

After the battle for Kiev Bagramyan became chief of staff of the southwestern front and participated in the development and conduct of the operation, which was liberated Rostov-on-don. However, the Kharkov offensive of 1942 ended in a large-scale disaster for the red Army: its outcome dramatically changed the situation on the southern wing of the Soviet-German front in favor of the enemy. Formally, the main engineer of the Kharkov offensive, as mentioned in the book of Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev’s “War on the scales of Themis,” was Ivan Bagramyan, but the decisions in the fighting was taken by Marshal Timoshenko member of the Military Council Khrushchev.


in Spite of this, Stalin blamed the failure of the Kharkov operation Ivan Bagramyan. If you believe Yuri Emelyanov and his book “Stalin: Generalissimo of the great Victory”, the leader wrote that “supermarket due to their carelessness lost the Kharkov operation and gave the enemy 18-20 divisions”, and therefore should be removed from the post of chief of staff of the southwestern front. That’s just according to Yuri Yemelyanov, Bagramyan was the usual “scapegoat” in this story.

However, most Ivan Khristoforovich was no easier. The fact that at least during the war years, similar assessment of the country’s leader meant one – shot. Many historians, including Zvyagintsev and Student, I believe that life saved Zhukov, Bagramyan, who said to Stalin that the blame for the failure lies partly on the Rate of the Supreme command and the General staff.

Future success

However, Ivan Bagramyan was demoted to chief of staff of the 28th army of the southwestern front. However, further GaffArmenians, if you were guilty in the failure of the Kharkov operation, it is completely atoned for this guilt. As stated in the encyclopedia “world history”, 16th army, the commander of which was subsequently Bagramyan participated in the battle of Kursk. And at that time, when Bagramyan commanded the 1st Baltic front, his troops distinguished themselves during Belorussian strategic operation. Samland group of troops led by Bagramyan took Konigsberg.

the Victory of Ivan Khristoforovich Bagramyan met in East Prussia. By the time he had already become the army General and hero of the Soviet Union. All subsequent years Baghramyan gave service in the armed forces. In 1955, according to V. Soloviev in his book “the History and culture of Russia”, Ivan Bagramyan was given a new title – this time Marshal. They say it’s planned to do even Stalin, but did not. Anyway, Ivan Khristoforovich lived to very old age. He died in 1982 at the age of 84 years.

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