Just in the holiday mood? Fine. Then clean your sunglasses, pack sunscreen, take your bike or even your horse – even that can be taken on the Berlin ferry from Spandau to Tegelort (“Person with bike: 1 euro, rider with horse: 1.40 euros”) .

On the Aalemannufer it’s almost as if you were taking the ferry to Pellworm or Amrum – it even smells of water and there are seagulls too. Only the journey is not that long: 150 seconds short vacation. Here is a mini video of me.

If you like, you can get fresh herring from the fresh food counter in the supermarket beforehand, chop thick onions and put it all in a bun. North Sea feeling! A great picnic on the Havelbank – and thanks to the onions, nobody gets too close to you.

At the pier in Hakenfelde there is also something behind the gills. Last fall, the restaurant at the ferry dock was apparently renamed and is now called “Heaven

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