the Scandal in an elite kindergarten in Moscow — one of the counselors charged with cruel treatment with children. Such suspicions came to the child’s mother, who, after a stay in the center began to stutter. Classes, incidentally, are more than a million rubles a year. The parents demanded to show them the video from surveillance cameras, and the footage shocked them.

kinder garden at Trinity, fee per month to 100 thousand rubles. Three language learning, individual approach to each — as they describe themselves on social networks. But this individual approach on the matter: the teacher force pushes baby in the closet and locks it there. Second child escapes.

guilty, says mother of Artyom, the staff of the garden initially denied. Assured that the boy just comes up. However, the situation repeated itself. Svetlana demanded video surveillance.

“It tried to forcibly pull, but did not succeed, he tenaciously grasped. He also told me that he was Olga. In the darkness he couldn’t sleep, had to buy a nightlight. Now he can’t sleep by himself, sleeps with his parents. Night wakes up and cries,” — says Svetlana Putilova, mother of Artem.

Now Artem engaged in psychotherapists, physicians diagnosed the children’s neurosis. It’s been more than a month, but forget about what happened in the children’s center, the boy still can’t.

– it Was very scary, I was very scared.

the Teacher fired. To comment on the incident in the children’s center refused. As it turned out, Olga, which locks the video of the child, not even teacher education. But the fact that she was allowed to work with children is not surprising, after all, and he children’s center is operating without a license.

“didn’t pay taxes and, accordingly, work in the black, as I understand it. Because this is not the only case of my doveritelnyi, most likely, so it was with other parents — no contract, no receipts. Just cash given to the Directoru”, — explains the lawyer Maria Zolotkovskaya.

Svetlana appealed to the court. While the test run, children’s center at Trinity continues to work. But other parents learned about the scandal, also began to pick out the children.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”