Broken glass and mirrors found in their cars dozens of residents of Zelenograd. Apparently, the object of attack, the vandals chose in a random order. The police managed to detain the suspects in hot pursuit.

Night fun Zelenograd teenagers disappeared in the lens of the camera observations: four students of valves break the glass in the car, a local janitor. Broken glass in the cabin and on the hood. The janitor wonders to prevent his car. Residents of the area say that young people, in the night of 7 to 8 February, had so much fun.

“I asked him: why do it. He said it was boring. He defiantly behaved, smiled, said he do not, heroics and called police,” says the victim, Andrey Livanov.

Teens caught in hot pursuit. The police called parents, made a Protocol and sent students home. But at the same time began the investigation.

the principle On which teenagers chosen cars, is unclear. One thing is clear: that night the students decided to walk near the house and smashed the car in the yard next door.

the police asked nearly 20 car owners. The total damage is yet to be calculated. Viktor Smirnov on the recovery machine you now need more than 60 thousand rubles.

“the Windshield is broken, rear window broken, side mirror broken. The paint on the trunk is damaged,” — shows the victim Victor sminov.

With broken Windows and mirror the car cannot move, says Victor. It car vital. Every day he goes to work to Moscow. Now Zelenograd residents await completion of the investigation, to obtain from the parents of Teens compensation for the restoration of the machines. But lawyers warn that the courts could drag on a year or two.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”