(Tel-Aviv) Israelis once again took to the streets of Tel Aviv to protest against the justice reform wanted by the government of Benyamin Netanyahu, before the opening of the parliamentary session on Monday.

Since the announcement of this reform project in early January, tens of thousands of Israelis have been meeting every week to denounce the text and shout down the government formed in December by Mr. Netanyahu, one of the most right-wingers in the world. known Israel.

The latter announced on March 27 a “pause” to give a “chance […] to dialogue”, but the mobilization against the reform considered undemocratic by its detractors, remains strong.

“History has its eyes on you,” read a sign held up at the rally in Tel Aviv, where protesters waved the national flag and smoke bombs.

The police do not provide official figures on the number of participants in the demonstrations.

For the government, the text aims, among other things, to rebalance powers by reducing the prerogatives of the Supreme Court, which the executive considers politicized, for the benefit of Parliament.

Critics of the reform believe, on the contrary, that it risks opening the way to an illiberal or authoritarian drift.

The President of the State of Israel Isaac Herzog has been negotiating for a month with representatives of the government and the opposition in order to reach a compromise on the terms of this reform.

Supporters and critics of the reform are trying to keep the pressure on politicians ahead of Monday’s opening of the parliamentary session.

Justice Minister Yariv Levin, who is behind the reform, addressed thousands of supporters gathered in Jerusalem on Thursday.

Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich (Religious Zionism, far right), who also participated in the protest, said the government will not “give up” on reform.