Weernieuws This afternoon, continue to the first, is very different, in different places, moods. Locally, those swings are still intense and accompanied by thunderstorms and squalls. The buienneiging, however, been gradually declining in the west and to the east of the country. In the north-west remains the chance of showers still persist. That report, the royal meteorological institute.

The hotel provided in the morning, in Anderlecht, to breaking and entering, as is shown in dashcambeelden. The RMI was announced, therefore, that in the morning, the code is yellow, and the federal public service Home Affairs, the emergency telephone number 1722 for preventive is activated for non-emergency brandweerinterventies.

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As with the activation of the number is 1722, the emergency call number 112 are set aside for people who have urgent medical help or urgent brandweerhulp need it. It is not yet clear how long the telephone number is exactly live. “Well, that is all dependent on the weather,” says a spokesman for Thomas Biebauw to the editor of HLN. “We have to evaluate constantly.”

Heavy showers

get The currently active regenzone, this morning, on the sea coast. Then went to the showers further inland. The heavy rainfall lead to water damage in brussels, so it has to be seen to dashcambeelden. When it’s raining, it’s important for defensive driving. click here to Read our advice on how to be safe on the road.