The owner and an employee of a morgue in the English seaside town of Bournemouth, respectively, fourteen and five months in jail, because they’re in on the secret recordings made of the opening of the football player: Emiliano Sala. The 28-year-old striker came on the 21st of January in a plane crash over the English Channel. According to the judge, director, Sherry Bray (49), member of staff, He Uk (62) has been guilty of “a morbid curiosity”.

The two have filmed and photographed his monitor in to the morgue to see how all of the mortal remains of the field studied. In one photo, they put it on social media, and the police scare the others. After the investigation, to the person who sent you the really horrible post, and came up with a quick time-Lapse and the Uk in the frame as possible perpetrators. Women and men have been known to be in the building sjoemelden with computers, so they can have access to the private images that have never been anywhere else in the morgue are shown that may be.

to The right, take the very evil which they have abused of their positions in the mortuary. “It was bad what you did. You were in on the secret recordings, filmed, the autopsy may have to live with it, and played with the images a couple of times again. There is no legitimate reason I can think of something obnoxious to do so. I have screenshots and pictures made is a very serious, tekendenBritse mediaop out of his mouth.

the Sala’s sister, She mentioned that the couple of ‘good’.She said in a statement that, in the court of law, it was recited: “I have been on Instagram photos seen by the body is Emiliano , and I can’t believe that there are people who have something that they can do. Then I called the manager, Emiliano, to him, to warn it of what the internet was circulating. After that, I was looking for, contact our brother, Dario. Who wanted to see the pictures absolutely do not see.” “Also, I’ve tried to make the pictures on social media. Also, in order to our mother to protect them. It’s so sad that people would do things like that on the back of a dead man. We will have those images in our memories can be erased. It’s hard to have to live with”.

We will have those images in our memories to be deleted.

Romina Sala

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the crash of The airplane, with on board, a soccer player: Emiliano Sala and the pilot, David Ibbotson, it is, according to the British research council (erc), for aircraft accidents AAIB could have been caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.The whole room of a strong increase of the concentration of COHb were found, which indicates that in poisoning by carbon monoxide. According to the research, it is likely that the pilot of the small plane have been poisoned. In the field, a COHb saturation of 58% was detected. At concentrations above the 50 per cent they get into a stupor and then has a heart attack, according to the AAIB. The body is that of Ibbotson, who do not have the proper paperwork to get a commercial flight has never been found.

The aircraft, with the Sala and the Ibbotson disappeared on the 21st of January of this year, from the radar to the north of the island of Guernsey. The two were on their way to the French city of Nantes to Cardiff in the Uk, after the football player from FC Nantes for € 20 million, was acquired by Cardiff City. It was two weeks after the crash and was found at a depth of about 67 meters at the bottom of the sea. It is unknown if there is on-board as a co alarm was present. Experts surmise that in some way or the other, exhaust gases of a private jet, a Piper PA-46 Malibu, and in the cab found it. It should be able to go to a technical fault in the heating system.

From a previous investigation by a coroner is also shown that the room of, presumably, died from injuries to his head and torso, and when the plane is in the Canal. Those injuries, as it turns out now, after suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. He was, by his fingerprints to be identified. The aircraft was about 30 meters away from the place where the last of the radar signals have been detected.