Investigators first reported that in the case of murder of Natalia Ustinova appeared suspect

Novosibirsk investigators said that the suspect appeared at the murder of Natalia Ustinova.

the Inhabitant of Novosibirsk has gone on 6 September last year, when I went to buy a new car. On 1 October her body was found in the Kirov district on a vacant lot in the street Borodino, near which she got out of the taxi. Immediately after the disappearance was a criminal case under article “Murder”.

In December, reported that operative-search activities aimed at establishing suspects. In early January the NHS published version from its source that the woman’s death may be a part of her new acquaintance with one HUNDRED: presumably, he volunteered to help her with the choice of car. According to the source, this wizard the next day after the loss of Natalia Ustinova flew away to his home beyond the borders of Russia and even was wanted.