ARCHIV - 04.02.2022, Rheinland-Pfalz, Ulmet: Blumen und Kerzen stehen an dem Tatort, an dem Ende Januar 2022 bei Kusel zwei Polizeibeamte bei einer Verkehrskontrolle erschossen wurden. (zu dpa «Die Stille nach dem Hilferuf - Erste Zeugen in Polizistenmord-Prozess») Foto: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

In the murder trial of two police officers killed near Kusel (Palatinate), according to an investigator, in an interrogation after the crime at the end of January, the co-defendant made the main accused responsible for all gunshots.

The co-accused testified that his accomplice said during the nightly vehicle inspection, “What, hunting poaching?”

The policewoman was “taken down by the force”. The 39-year-old main defendant also shot the policewoman’s colleague. The co-defendant said during the interrogation on February 18 that he heard two shots and heard a cry of pain.

After the shots, the main defendant ordered him to look for his lost documents and threatened that he would “put him next to it otherwise”.

While the co-defendant nodded several times when the officer described his statements, the main defendant listened with folded hands or took notes.

When the judge said in a description that the main defendant took it very seriously, the 39-year-old flared up. “Mr. Chairman, you say I am quite specific. What’s this about? It’s not about two chewing gums.”

Prosecutors accuse the main defendant of murdering a 24-year-old police officer and a 29-year-old police commissioner five months ago to cover up poaching.

Investigators assume there was an exchange of fire between the police officer and the main suspect. The police commissioner is said to have shot his service pistol empty – without hitting the attacker.