The car is The a British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, also comes with its very own equivalent of the Land Rover Defender. Preferably, the man, who, with his concern to maintain an action for a miljardeninvestering in the port of Antwerp, the plant, the production of the not-made car, a new lease on life. However, because this couldn’t be done, he decided to turn the 600 million-pound (almost 680 million euro) in its own alternative, Grenadier, called the.

it reports news agency Bloomberg.Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the owner of one of the largest chemical companies in the world, and is also one of the richest inhabitants of Great Britain and Brexit-believer). In the first instance, wanted to get the car enthusiast in the production of the Land Rover Defender to start, but in discussions with Jaguar Land Rover, came to nothing. He decided, therefore, to an all-new Defender will go on.

This is a car that needs to go back to the original version of the Defender: a practical vehicle that is designed for hunters, farmers, and adventurers, using simple technology that is durable and easy to repair. The name ‘Grenadier’ was chosen after a public vote on the internet, and it is a reference to a pub where the idea for it was born. The petrol and diesel engines sourced from BMW.

The cars will have to be made in Bridgend in Wales.There are still some of the Fords, but there is next year to put an end to it in the context of the European budget-cuts in the Terrain. The new plant, to think provisionally, to work, to provide for up to 200 of the 1700’s to current Ford employees, but is hoping soon to make it to 500. Over the two years of the first copies of the band’s reels for prices that start at eur 35 000 pounds (39.500 euros).

Ratcliffe will be in the port of Antwerp, two of the plasticfabrieken to build a so-called ethaankraker and installation to the propane gas into propylene, in order to put on. The miljardeninvestering is controversial, though, because of the 55-acre forest that is cut down, it would be in the area.