In what battle, the Red Army suffered the biggest losses

History 14/01/20 In a battle, the Red Army suffered the biggest losses

the Great Patriotic war lasted 1418 days and nights, and every day someone was killed at the front. It is difficult to isolate the times of the most serious losses of the red army, but we will try to analyze the situation.

the First months of the war

For the first six months, the Soviet army lost 5.3 million people, whereas in the rest of the time, 8.4 million Such data leading military historian Konstantin Gaivoronsky. Six months of 1941 accounted for almost a third of the loss, and in the last five months of 1945 – 7.5% of the total number of deaths.

There are researchers who call at times large numbers of casualties, but this is unlikely, as simply contrary to elementary logic. The correct data can be found in the book “Russia and USSR in wars of XX century” under the General editorship of candidate of military Sciences, Professor of the Academy of military Sciences of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Krivosheev.

If you rely on numbers Gayvoronsky, at the initial stage of the war the red army lost every day, more than 29.4 thousand people.

To understand the situation, the army invasion was about 5.5 million people under arms in Nazi Germany and its allies were about 11 million people, which is allowed to fill up fresh forces to the Eastern front.

With the loss of the first months of war can compare the two battles — Stalingrad and Rzhevskaya.

Stalingrad vs Rzhev

In domestic and foreign historiography has formed the opinion that Stalingrad was the bloodiest clash in the course of the great Patriotic war. The red army lost 478 741 people: more than 300 000 during the defense of the city and more than 150 000 in the attack. The loss of the Wehrmacht was about 300,000 people, about 200,000 of the lost allies of Germany. The battle for Stalingrad lasted from 17 July 1942 to 2 February 1943, that is, a day, according to rough estimates, the red army lost more than 2,400 people.

However, with Stalingrhell can argue Rzhevskaya battle. According to the testimony of the Rangers, the dead lie in several layers, in a form appropriate to the different seasons. The fighting near Rzhev walked to the end of December 1941 to 31 March 1943. According to the book “grief secrecy lifted” irrecoverable losses amounted to more than 3 600 000 people, i.e. more than 8000 Soviet soldiers during the day.

Contrary to popular belief, the storming of Berlin was not different mass losses. So, in the vicinity of Berlin, Soviet troops came out on January 31, 1945, but the General staff, the Rate and the front commanders did not consider the presence of troops of Konev and Zhukov on the banks of the Oder, a sufficient condition for the storming of Berlin. The task was first to defeat the Germans in Silesia and Pomerania, threatening the First Ukrainian and First Belorussian fronts. The task was completed by 31 March 1945 and only the 16th of April launched an offensive on Berlin.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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