The environment of The Flemish environment agency has developed a new study is done about the air quality in the region. That is, in the last few years to come, but that is not the reason for the excessive cheering. A number of harmful substances exceeded, we are still in the standards, and the emissions from households, for example, by the use of wood is increasing. Only 1 percent of the population lives in an area with very low levels of particulate matter. Take a look at the interactive maps, what’s on in your area, and when it is made available.

“For a lot of the pollutants in the year 2000, with a downward trend”, says the Flemish environment agency. “So, have decreased the emission of particulate matter metmeer than one-quarter for nitrogen oxides was almost a half. And the release of the zwaveldioxidebedroeg in 2017 and a fourth at the opzichtevan for the year 2000.”

Flanders now in of the most Europeseemissiedoelstellingen, but not those of the world health organization (WHO). The European standard for the particulate matter (PM 2,5), for example, is a European is 25 micrograms (µg) per cubic meter (m3) of the advieswaarden WHO is 10. Flanders pulled out of last years out in the rural areas of 13 ág/m3, and in urban 14. What is the number of peak days (more than 25 g/m 3) is concerned, we are also significantly above the WHO standard of 3-years of age: in the rural area, there are 36 peak day, in cities, towns, 42, and surrounding areas, with a lot of traffic and even 50’s.
open fire place

Is the households is a major source of fine particulate matter, which is responsible for acute respiratory diseases, bronchitis, and even lung cancer. 55% of the emissions come from households, especially from the burning of wood. It is in accordance with the environment agency and even the more fine particulate matter in the Flemish and belgian air wood combustion by road: less than two hours of wood burning in a fireplace, for example, is equal to 2.350 km the car is to drive. In addition, the number of households with wood as main or additional heating continued to increase.

Due to the high emissions of fine particles, live for only 1 per cent of the population in an area of low concentration. The Flemish environment agency estimates that emissions in 2017 and the 4.100 premature death were available. “In order to have a healthy level is to be met, and the trend has much further to fall.”

Click here to view the interactive map below, with the emission of particulate matter.