The Pia has an amazing solidariteitsgolf luck with the baby and can be treated with the most expensive drug in the world. Actions such as Movements, – how heart-warming, too – however, should never be the primary solution to the growing problem of high-priced drugs. But what, then, is it? We have pharmaceutical companies, for example, price caps apply? Tonight, we bring together the most interesting comments in a new piece. Below you can read some of the experts think.

The story of the Movements, became Belgium’s law of the heart. That is, the staggering sum of € 1.9 million for its much-needed shot in the US, it is wonderful. But it is also heart wrenching. We have evolved into a society where drugs are so expensive that only the text of the actions and supplications help? It would seem that way. There are plenty of treatments and pills in the pipeline, in which the pharmaceutical industry is now miljoenenprijzen on a stick.

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Gezondheidseconoom, and professor Lieven Annemans of Ghent University is called for in advance, with a maximum to be established.“Pharmaceutical companies set their prices, especially on their own. And that has to change. The medicines may cost a lot, because they can have a huge impact on our lives and the society in general. However, there are limits.If we don’t set limits on you, than it is today, a company that has 2.5 million requests for the one session, the next day, I asked one of them for 3 million. Where does it end?”

There have to be limits to be imposed, and that needs to be very clearly communicated. If we don’t do that, it will come up tomorrow with a pharmaceutical company, that is 2.5 million calls, and the next day, I asked one of them for 3 million. Where does it end?

Lieven Annemans, gezondheidseconoom

The gezondheidseconoom recommends that the government are already at a very early stage in the dialogue with the pharmaceutical industry. “For the past five-year period prior to the possible launch of a medicinal product, the public authorities and the pharmaceutical company around the table to sit down, in order to be clear about what such a tool may may cost you.”

For Annemans should be the pricing, in the course of this consultation will be based on the number of quality years of life, that it would be dangerous for the patient. “That is a method that is already in a lot of countries. It was considered first as a single high-quality year of life will cost and go from there, for the price of a medicinal product is to be determined.” The Zorginstituut the Netherlands, suggested that, for example, that up to 100,000 euros must be left for the winning of one healthy year of life for serious diseases. “As a high limit, but there is a limit.And then it’s a signal for the industry is also clear: “We need your innovation is necessary, but keep in mind that this is the limit to what we can afford to pay for the gain of healthy years of life’.”