In the centre of Novosibirsk suddenly began to demolish the trees in the leafy courtyard

In the center of Novosibirsk, close to Derzhavin, 10, near the Playground cut down the tall maples and willows. Deforestation began on Sunday and continued early in the week. Authorities reported that the trees in an emergency, but to restore them will have tenants.

Just cut down nine large trees. Horror… Here Playground once did in the place of the kindergarten. The trees here along it and grew, somehow the dust was kept: the site is gravel covered, and the dust rises when there playing. And on it constantly playing. The trees stand along houses № 8 and 10 along the street Derzhavin. Our head TSZH today I learned: everything is in order, the documents are there, but the agronomist of the Central district said that the seedlings will not. Of course, we won’t leave it so we do plant, but the land is municipal, will give us something to plant? And another agronomist said [Chairman TSZH Shakhter] that under the trees someone poured acid, so they still die, — told the correspondent NGS the inhabitant of the house № 10 along the street Derzhavin Eugene Butorin. About the acid, which supposedly was told by the Chairman of the HOA, mentioned other residents.