In the beginning of next week — up to 14 degrees: weather for the next few days

Novosibirsk weather forecasters have predicted the weather for the weekend and the beginning of the week. Is expected to warm, sometimes windy weather.

As described in Novosibirsk Hydrometeorological centre, for the next 3 days in Novosibirsk is not expected precipitation.

— Tomorrow, the day after light rain in the city. Wind South, South-East 3-6 m/s, with gusts up to 13 m/s. night Temperature APR 11, 0-2 degrees of frost the night of April 12 at about 0 degrees, — said forecasters.

Day 11 APR +8… +10 degrees, 12 APR +11… +13 degrees. Monday, 13 APR, forecast no precipitations, and southeastern wind of 3-8 m/s, the temperature at night about 0, in the afternoon +12… +14 degrees.