In some cases, the Russian peasants offers guests their wives

History 01/01/20 In some cases, the Russian peasants offers on their wives

the Phenomenon where the owner of the house in a special gesture to the visitors to offer them as a gift to spend a night of love with his wife or daughter, Ethnography has been called hospitable haterism.

This custom still exists among the peoples preserving traditional tribal way of life, but at different stages of historical development was now inherent in almost all civilized Nations.

the Origins hospitable haterism

Historians studying the question of the hospitable haterism in the Russian countryside, note that this rite Slavs could learn from the Scythians, who in the annals of the XVII century, referred to as the founders of the Russian ethnos.

the presence in their culture sexual offering unfamiliar visitors testified Greek traveler and historian Priscus Paniyskiy, who wrote in the fifth century manuscript, “Byzantine history and deeds of Attila in eight books.” In this work he recorded that a Scythian visitor in the village was reigned in from her women not only generous meals, but also a few beauties for intercourse.

Expressing in this way the respect they, in the judgment of the French scholar Arnold van Gennep establish a more intimate connection with strangers. In the edition of “Rites of passage”, he compared the hospitable haterism with a common meal, when the owner shares with the alien person one piece of bread.

In turn, the researchers of the D. Rajewski and V. Petrukhin in the work “Essays on the history of the peoples of Russia in antiquity and the early middle Ages” pays attention of readers that the nomadic Avars, stopping for the winter in the villages of the Slavs, were taken as concubines the daughters and wives of local men.

the Russian Hospitality

In the pages of the multivolume “history of Russian state”, owned by Peru of Nikolai Karamzin reflected not only military battles and conversion rightsItel, but cultural and General Russian way of life with its inherent hospitality.

Telling him, he wrote that any stranger was a kind of sacred person, who with joy have met, entertained and protected. Moreover the Slav, according to tradition, was recommended, leaving the house leave open the door and set the table, to the pilgrim, weary from the road, could find in it shelter and food.

And the historian V. Bezgin in his monograph “the Russian village of the late XIX – early XX century: the peasant faces of deviance” talks about this aspect of Russian hospitality as a welcoming haterism.

Noting his local character, he draws upon the research of S. Shashkova, who wrote that in the Northern regions of Russia, the owner, handing over rent housing, “is a tenant of his wife or daughter, increasing, of course, you rent”.

a Similar custom is practiced in some villages Bolhovskogo County (Oryol oblast), where visiting merchants, chiefs, judges and other officials of the men offered to brighten up leisure of intimate encounters with their wives and even daughters-in-law, whose husbands were out of town. Often for this service, guests paid the money, heads of families spend for family needs.

by the Commercialism and svobodnyie distinguished men of the village Meshkovo and Konewka voluntarily sending their spouses to love joy to the rich neighbors or clerk, to those of his body earned a little money or at least brought bread and tobacco.

But to be precise in the wording, these examples fit the definition of hospitable prostitution, as women were given to visitors for a fee, not as a sign of respect.

Welcoming prostitution

the Hospitable prostitution is often practiced in Russia during the existence of serfdom, when had full power over the peasants landowners, invited the neighbors and made the kit to treat the yard girls, ready to fulfill any wish of the master.

the Diplomat from Sweden Peter, wandering through Russia in the XVII century in his notes said that some impoverished members of the nobility and the townspeople, when they ran out livelihood, “roam all the nooks and crannies and see if any rich youths and offering them for fornication with their wives, take them for 2-3 dollars, depending on the beauty and sweetness of his wife. The husband goes outside the door and guards so that no one prevented them.”

At the same time with revealing the word of servicemen addressed to the Patriarch, calling them to abandon the practice of laying their wives companions, who, instead of charging interest could take advantage of the intimate services of their hostages.

And the writer Alexander Radishchev in the famous works of “Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow” was described the case when the wanderer, agreeing on a post, the evening went to the bath, where he was met by the hostess or her daughter, and sometimes her roommate or svoistvenno that “… sovlaki with your clothes off, burn it lobstrosity the fire, and it shall have the night, wasting money, health, and precious travel time.”

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