In Russian national team has only eight biathletes

the head of the Union of biathletes of Russia Vladimir Drachev said that the application of the Russian team the following season can be reduced in two times. This can happen if the user chooses to SBR training camp the team abroad.

At this point men and women by the Russian team includes 16 employees and, accordingly, if the decision on fees will still be accepted, will be reduced to eight. On the initiative of the bosses of SBR made the record of Russians – 26 races without a medal at the world Cup.

“We analyze not only our work, but also trying to understand the cause of the achievements the same French, the other teams who join during the season, said Drachev, quoted by TASS. – We need to go down the same path. But it is important to understand – do we go is good. Those French in the preparation of the train at altitude, without descending below 1000 meters. We train just for the plain, without upgrades to the skies.”

however, he noted that the Russian Midlands for the benefit of our athletes is not. Drachev admitted that SBR tried to train in Sochi, but the athletes to show there progress could not. On the contrary, their performance deteriorated. Now he does not exclude the possibility of foreign taxes.

“Can make the decision to train at foreign bases, but this will entail some changes. In this case, reduced team and we will train 16 people and eight, and will work with an eye solely on the basic structure of”.