In Moscow, opened Russia's largest complex for processing of waste

Under Sergiev Posad earned a modern complex on processing of waste. KPO “North” will be the largest in Russia and will make 450 thousand tons of garbage a year. At full capacity the plant will be released in March, but processing of the contents of the blue container has already begun.

Barely in front of the garbage truck open gate, the system already knows what waste, where, and in what quantity driven.

“is Automatically detected by the vehicle number is checked against the electronic card. That is, we are completely gone from the paper coupons from the possibility of fraudulent actions from the side of the driver”, — says Dmitry Petrov, Deputy CEO of UK “Regional operator”.

And although it dumped the garbage, to call this place a dump not dare. That is waste, just like the inscription on the Angara “Complex processing”.

In fact, this is a huge conveyor in the sorting of garbage the size of a three story house. The main task of the complex — separate the waste into food and non-food: wood, plastic, glass or metal.

Each of the three conveyors can handle up to 25 tons of waste per hour. The plant was built by global standards, but with Russian peculiarities. Nowhere in Europe do not accept organic matter. And in the suburban complex has made a pipeline for the disposal of food waste. Incidentally, they also will not lie dormant, and in special compost pits will turn into a technical ground which can be used in road construction. Still, the main emphasis is on pre-sorted waste. A program for separate collection of garbage has been running for about a year.

“In the year that we will not dispose of 2 million tons. It is only due to the fact that the established system of separate collection of garbage. About her argued a lot, they say, not active population. Here’s the best illustration. We are standing a meter away from this pile of garbage and see how the people responsible separation of garbage”, — says Eugene hromushin, Deputy Chairman of Moscow region government.

Almost all processes are automated. Optical and magnetic sensors know what material is in front of them, and send valuable waste on different tapes in different tanks. A huge recycling machine can work round the clock. However, the people here are also needed. Nearly 500 people in several shifts are on pre-sorted. Oddly enough, but a fair share of manual labour was introduced deliberately. This is several times reduced the tariff for garbage collection.

“in order to avoid excessive burden on the population. You can put a very expensive equipment and to fully automate these things, but then the rate will be, respectively, very high,” explains Andrey Yurchenkov, Deputy General Director of MC “Regional operator”.

the Complex waste management “North” will reach full capacity by March. It will be the second such plant operating in the suburbs. In the coming years such systems will become six. They need to completely solve the waste disposal problem of the entire Moscow Metropolitan area.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”