In Moscow has extended the paid Parking zone has changed and the rates in the centre

In the capital has expanded the paid Parking zone — now she’s appeared in more than 80 streets. Mainly new Parking spaces located close to train stations, transport hubs and shopping centres, which living near citizens often are not enough seats. In addition, selectively changed the Parking fees.

From 17 February for the capital’s motorists have changed the conditions of paid Parking. In addition to the expansion zones on some streets increased. For example, in Stupinskom lane is now for Parking will have to pay 60 rubles, and 380. In the Arbat district has become more expensive and in Nizhny Kislovskiy, Cash, Plotnikovo, 1st Smolensky side streets, on the Smolenskaya embankment and the New Arbat.

in General, changes In tariffs occurred in the streets of almost all the Central districts of Moscow in Basmanny, Zamoskvorechye, Krasnoselsky, Presnensky. Tangible expensive places in the area Yakimanka there were 24 streets with a rate of 380 roubles per hour. And in the Tver region has risen Malyy gnezdnikovskiy pereulok, Kitaygorodsky proezd, tar, staropimenovskiy lane.

Parking rates changed not only upwards — where it became cheaper. For example, Upper Krasnosel’skaya street Gavrikova the Parking cost reduced to 40 rubles per hour.

the Extension of paid Parking zone occurred in more than 80 streets in the center, and outside the Third transport ring and MKAD. New paid Parking spaces have appeared in the areas of Running, Danilovsky, Moscow, Maryina Roshcha, Mitino, Nagatino-Sadovniki, Novogireevo, Ryazan, Mount Falcon, as well as the Northern and southern Tushino. Full list of streets included in the paid Parking area can be found on the official portal of the Moscow Parking on site

Paid Parking made, as a rule, on those streets where the local residents do not have enough places. Muscovites living in the paid Parking area can apply for resident permit and Park on the streets of your neighborhood freeatno.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”