On June 15, the SPD district of Hanover plans to negotiate the motions to expel former chancellor Gerhard Schröder from the party. The managing director of the party district, Christoph Matterne, announced on Friday. The “Badische Latest News” had previously reported on the plans.

The SPD is now running 14 procedures to exclude Schröder from the party, as Matterne said. The Arbitration Commission decided that these and possible further proceedings should be negotiated and decided together. However, it is still unclear whether a decision will be made on June 15th. A possible second hearing would take place on June 22nd.

It is still unclear whether Schröder himself wants to appear at the hearing. Matterne explained that Schröder could also be represented or remain absent. The negotiation is to take place in the Kurt Schumacher House in Hanover.