History 13/02/20 “In case of my sudden death”: why the ideologist of Perestroika Alexander Yakovlev, left a letter

After one of the leaders of the emergency Committee Vladimir Kryuchkov was in jail, he was showered with all sorts of accusations. So, Alexander Yakovlev, said that at the time the Hooks were going to remove it, like a car accident. Learning of this from their sources, Yakovlev err.

“Architect” of Perestroika

Alexander Nikolaevich Yakovlev is often called the ideologist of Perestroika. The fact that in 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev was appointed to the post of head of the propaganda Department of the CPSU Central Committee. Says Roy Medvedev, the author of the book “the Soviet Union: the last years of his life”, under the guidance of Yakovlev in the country, was preparing the reform of the higher authorities, including discussing issues relating to elections and amendments to the Constitution. In addition, Alexander insisted on the economic reforms in the Soviet Union and advocated the freedom of private enterprise. Yakovlev also called for the conduct of military reforms, and in particular the Soviet Union’s withdrawal from Eastern Europe.

But the most famous Alexander Yakovlev began with the easing of censorship and the emergence of so-called public. Yakovlev lifted the ban on the publication of the works of Solzhenitsyn, Nabokov, Rybakov, pristavkina, Dudintsev, as well as on the screens about 30 previously banned films. According to Dmitry Nesvetov, author of “the Demise of the Soviet Union. What was that?”, Alexander contributed to the recognition of the existence and publication of the secret protocols to the Treaty of non-aggression between the Soviet Union and Germany in 1939 and rehabilitation of the repressed in the 1930-ies of the citizens.

Yakovlev for and against Kryuchkov

not surprisingly, the “architect” of Perestroika during the August 1991 coup came to the defense of supporters of Boris Yeltsin, and the head of the emergency Committee, the Chairman of the KGB Vladimir Kryuchkov became his opponent. It is noteworthy that, according to Leonid Mlechin, the author of the publication “the KGB. The Chairman of the state security. Declassified destiny”, that Yakovlev brought Kryuchkov Mikhail Gorbachev and contributed to his nomination for the post of head of the KGB. Predecessor Vladimir Alexandrovich Viktor Chebrikov before retirement Yakovlev warned that Hooks are a bad person. After the coup Chebrikov reminded Alexander of his words.

However, Yakovlev and already had hard times. According to Nikolay Zenkovich in his book “news from the Kremlin, sir,” several times someone left near the door of the apartment, the ideologist of Perestroika funeral wreaths. And once he learned of the impending attempt on his life. Supposedly some General Yakovlev told in a private conversation that he will soon die in a car accident. Then Alexander went to Vladimir Kryuchkov, and said: “let me Tell you – they’ll miscalculate. I left a letter, and it will release in three locations”. This letter, in the words of the Yakovlev, began: “In case of my sudden death…”.

the Response Kryuchkov charges

About this story Alexander Yakovlev told when Vladimir Kryuchkov was already in the investigative isolator “Matrosskaya Tishina”. He Hooks all charges Yakovlev denied. Later in his memoirs, “Personal file,” Vladimir called them “astonishing shamelessly false.” The same thing, he said, and his lawyer Ivanov. Hooks argued that he did not talk with Alexander Yakovlev. In addition, the former head of the KGB seemed strange the fact that Yakovlev open up only a year after the coup. Hooks asked why the “architect” of Perestroika not reported this to Gorbachev or to journalists when Vladimir was the head of the KGB.

the Lawyer Kryuchkov suggested that Yakovlev could really mislead a commander. But Vladimir insisted on itm no General did not exist. It is noteworthy that at the same time in 1992, if you believe Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “Behind whose back the President is hiding?”, a former KGB Colonel said in the press that in 1989, the Hooks were going to eliminate Boris Yeltsin. The transaction, which allegedly bore the name “Oriental dance”, was to be implemented during a business visit of President of Tajikistan. However, no formal charges in these episodes Kryuchkov was never charged. Razzakov believes that such “duck” appeared only in order to complicate the fate of Vladimir Kryuchkov.

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