From the transcript of the now infamous phone call between the American president when He and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodimir Zelenski, important passages have been omitted. That was lieutenant-colonel Alexander Vindman, the most important of Ukraine,-the expert of the White House yesterday, testifying in the impeachment investigation at Home, ” says The New York Times, on the basis of three main sources.

Vindman, which is self-meeluisterde to the interview on the 25th of July, was an expert on the National Security council later asked for the transcript to check for errors. He tried it in three scenes that were left out, but to no avail. Because the transcript of the telephone conversation, in the meantime, to the highly secured server of the White House, and had moved away, was able to Vindman is not correct.

According to the Vindman, says He, in one of the omitted passages in which there are recordings in existence of the former vice-president Joe Biden about corruption in Ukraine. In another passage, mentions the Zelenski for the Ukrainian company, which range of plant’s son Hunter is on the board, Burisma.

now, Military aid withheld

Vindman, was yesterday called up to behind closed doors, to witness the afzettingsonderzoek at Home. That is, the Democratic party, and a whistleblower from the accused’s position and power were exploited to Offer, may be his opponent in the election next year, in a bad light. He would have to Zelenski them threatening to have the military aid to keep the Ukraine would not open an investigation into Hunter’s Offer. That is why Zelenski He is “a pleasure” to do.

Or left out passages incriminating material He includes, it is not clear. However, the more questions arise as to why it matters, and why it is the transcript of the interview to hyperbeveiligde the server is moved, which normally doesn’t happen. On the call there is no audio recording, just the transcript, reported by officials in the White House, which is meeluisterden, and with the aid of a thank you.