as of Monday, the 30th of march, NPO2 during the day, and the theme of the Dutch tv history. This, the NPO “there are many thuiszitters in the Netherlands, in these times of difficulty and distractions to offer. Viewers will be able to enjoy of the of a sand Dune, Say, ‘n-Aaa, and be Careful!!!

“Every day, we hear alarming reports in the media. That is, it is difficult for anyone. In addition to those all-important current affairs for the public broadcasting service programs provide a relaxing, beautiful memories, to retrieve,” says Shula Rijxman, chairman of the board of the NPO. Therefore, it was decided that the archives be open during the day, high-profile programs out of nearly seventy-five years of television broadcast.

“in Addition, we will focus mainly on older viewers, who are especially hard hit by the coronacrisis.”

Broadcasting is the MAX kicks off

and The soaring harmonies are every day at 9: 00 a.m. kick off by Broadcasting the MAC, with, among others, the Netherlands, on the Move, all at once, and the Ouderenjournaal.

at lunchtime, it will sitcoms, if you don’t, the ns, Aa, and watch out!!! to be sent out. There is also the opportunity for natuurdocumentaires for the BBC, interviews with Sonja Barend and Willem Duys, a theatre, a Villa Felderhof, show-room, and Heard .

“Recognition, provides guidance, and brings us back to good memories, says Rijxman.