Hospital № 12 on the street Knitted in Novosibirsk before may, was a private medical institution. When in the infectious diseases hospitals for patients with coronavirus and suspected it is no longer enough places, this hospital urgently redeveloped. Now three therapeutic division and one gastroenterological accept those who have tests show positive for kovid. Doctors, including specialists, had to leave the job in their profile. Now they make common cause — saving people from disease, for which there are no medicines, no vaccines. This hospital is severe enough patients — they are locked behind thick doors of the intensive care unit, but doctors are hopeful to get it out. And doctors hope that the pandemic will end soon and they will finally be able to see family, which is avoided for two months, go on vacation, to forget about the uncomfortable stuffy suits and go home without fear to bring the coronavirus… so until then, patients receiving threat, exhausting treatment and any predictions. Because the virus is insidious. And it’s the first thing I say as soon as I walk in the door of a small hospital, found themselves on the front lines of infection control.