Since 2016, Rodriguez and Ronaldo have been in a relationship.

Cristiano Rojo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez is the star in Netflix’s new reality documentary series.

“I Am Georgina” aired on Jan. 27 on Netflix around the world and gave viewers a glimpse at the woman behind it all.

Rodriguez and Manchester United soccer player began a relationship in 2016. The couple, who already have a child, Alana Martina (the soccer star), announced that they were expecting twins in October.

Ronaldo, in addition to his children with Rodriguez, has twins via surrogate Mateo and Eva Marie. He also has Cristiano Jr.

Who is Georgina Rodrigo?

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Rondo met in a Gucci shop

Rodriguez and Ronaldo first met when Rodriguez was working at Gucci as a shop assistant. The reality star described the beginning of her relationship to Ronaldo in the premiere episode of “I Am Georgina.”

Rodriguez stated that Rodriguez had seen him many times after work. He would come, I can only recall once in a Bugatti. My coworkers were crazy. They got there by bus and I was on my way. It was unbelievable to people.”

In a confessional, Ronaldo said that he did not think that his feelings for Rodriguez would be as strong.

He said, “I didn’t expect it honestly.” “But after some time I felt that she had become the woman of my dreams.”

What does Georgina do now for a living?

Georgina is both a model, and a dancer. She has also been a popular Instagram user with millions of followers and is now a social media influencer.

On her Instagram account, the model often shares collaborations with brands.

According to The Sun , she also studied accounting at the Centre for Financial Studies (Madrid), according to . Georgina took a course between October 2017 and March 2018.

How will their future relationship look?

Although Georgina and Ronaldo have been together since 2016, they are still only dating. Both have confirmed that they will marry in the future.

Ronaldo is 1000% certain that the couple will marry, he stated in “I Am Georgina.”

He said, “I always tell Georgina when we get that click like everything in our life and she knows what i’m talking about.”

It could happen in one year, six months, or one month. Ronaldo said that he is 1000% certain it will happen.