Police dispersed protesters in a Sunday protest in Hungary’s capital where employees in the nation’s struggling hospitality industry demanded civil disobedience and a rethinking of coronavirus lockdown limitations.

Organizers of the protest onto a central square in Budapest known for restaurateurs to violate pandemic principles by opening their companies to clients Monday, in defiance of rigorous pandemic measures restricting cafes and restaurants to takeout support.

“Every instrument that we’ve used until now has been depleted, therefore starting today, every company must open in the soul of civil disobedience,” protest organizer Aron Ecsenyi explained.

The demonstration came amid rising calls for government actions from Hungary’s hospitality business since the nation’s lockdown, which started on Nov. 11, approaches the mark. Hungary’s government has insisted that just mass vaccination of the populace can deliver an end into the lockdown.

Pandemic constraints were extended on Thursday before March 1, and lots of small business owners complain that they’ve received little to none of their government’s guaranteed financial aid while other companies such as shopping malls and retail shops are allowed to stay open.

Some company owners have resorted to starting in secret to prevent closing permanently. Krisztian Baliko, that owns a restaurant in town of Szekesfehervar, 40 miles (65 km ) southwest of Budapest, had intended to open his company to peer service on Monday, and almost 200 other companies across Hungary that additionally proposed to start unlawfully, according to a tally kept by protest organizers.

“Folks goes contrary to the government’s choice, however, the retaliation they are threatening — months-long closures, bigger penalties — is something folks can not pay if there is no way to bring in money,” Baliko said in the demonstration.

Health politicians and experts also have started pushing to get a recurrence of pandemic constraints since the financial effect on the sector deepens.

Tamas Soproni, mayor of a downtown Budapest district and member of resistance party Momentum, has advocated for improved fiscal support to hospitality businesses, and for permitting outdoor terraces to start at restaurants, pubs and cafes. He asserts that the results of the lockdown proceed past economical hardship.

“We discuss the victims of this outbreak, but we don’t speak about the victims of all these constraints which are in place,” he explained. “We do not speak about how it affects individuals’ minds, how it impacts relationships, how it might affect individuals who are inclined to own winter depression”

Health specialist Dr. Zsombor Kunetz also asserts for the slow lifting of certain limitations, suggesting that outside terraces be discharged to guests together with adequate social distancing and also the introduction of indoor dining rooms with capacity constraints and necessary usage of higher-quality FFP2 masks.

He advocated that the authorities take action to control the growing discontent until it gets out of control.

“From the perspective of outbreak direction, it’s quite dangerous if individuals take the lead and begin opening prohibited bars and prohibited restaurants where clients may appear,” he explained. “Subsequently this pandemic could burst very fast.”

“We are fighting to get a compromise,” he explained. “There’s a demand for mass resistance and civil disobedience, and that I feel people that are fighting right now will listen to our voice and will unite us”