ARCHIV - 27.02.2018, Brandenburg, Potsdam: ILLUSTRATION - Ein Lottoschein wird im Musterladen der Land Brandenburg LOTTO GmbH ausgefüllt, an einem originalen Terminal können Mitarbeiter ausgebildet werden (gestellte Szene). (zu "Pk zur Bilanz der Land Brandenburg Lotto GmbH für 2018" vom 14.02.2019) Foto: Bernd Settnik/ZB/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Brandenburg Lotto GmbH is looking for a lucky guy who guessed six correct numbers plus a super number almost three weeks ago and thus won the jackpot of more than 23 million euros. The lottery company reported on Friday that the lottery ticket was handed in on June 17th in a shop in the state capital. So far, the lucky one has not reported.

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The winning numbers 18-23-26-37-45-46 from the draw on June 18 were in the seventh column of the ticket with seven picks for two draws, according to Lotto GmbH. For the mega prize of 23,243,357.90 euros, the super number 2 was added as the last digit of the ticket number.

The lottery company appealed to the people of Potsdam and guests of the state capital to check whether there might still be an unchecked ticket in their pockets, in a collection cup or on their desks. “Especially after the first holiday phase, the lucky tickets sometimes fall behind,” it said. In Brandenburg and Berlin the summer holidays started on Thursday.

The statutory limitation period of currently three years applies to collecting the mega prize, said Lotto spokeswoman Antje Edelmann. “But we hope to find the lucky one very soon,” she said. Because the more time that passes, the less likely it is that a winner will get in touch.