How to pass a lie detector: the methods of Soviet spies

History 05/02/20 How to pass lie detector: the methods of Soviet spies

the lie Detector (polygraph) is one of the most sophisticated analyzers of biological processes in man. Breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, changes in thickness of blood vessels, perspiration and other indicators are being recorded and studied by a trained operator of the polygraph, can tell a lot about his mental and emotional state of a person, and it changes during testing. It is known that the lie always goes “hand in hand” with the fear of exposure and fear certainly causes although sometimes outwardly inconspicuous, but visible for devices response (it happened in the course of evolution, reflex reaction to fear of the inevitable, as it can save a life). Today to fool the polygraph is almost impossible — simultaneously analyzes around 10 parameters to control which people can not even with a great desire and a scientific approach to such a problem. But before, when polygraphs were not so perfect and reads only the breathing and heartbeat, they do not always give a perfect result. If the subject is able to effectively suppress the stress when lying, can he believe in his lies and has no fear of exposure, the device may not reflect the fraud.

the use of the polygraph in the mid-20th century, the FBI and the CIA put the Soviet foreign intelligence challenge: lie detector could identify the agents. So unmasked was arrested in 1957, Rudolf Abel. The Americans detained him, did not understand what the country is caught a spy. He was silent and did not give any testimony. Turning on the lie detector, Abel began to show photos of different countries. Seeing photos of the Kremlin, red square and Russian birches, the scout responded, and the polygraph exposed him. Abel could not resist, although he was perfectly prepared. Soviet spies working under cover, bAcelino taught to keep calm in such situations. The agents took not only people with the appropriate mindset are more prepared for stress tests and had at least minimal knowledge about polygraphs. Besides, spies were trained and taught to act like the actors to assume role and simply forget what is true and what is false. Then the polygraph, most likely, will be powerless. But to be able to get used to the role is the same rarity as nerves of steel.

it tells the examiner Oleg Nasonov in an interview, “Tengrinews”, spies and agents ready and willing so-called method of desensitization — loss of irritability. The man asked the same question dozens of times, he ceases to react to it, and then you can reply anything. And it will not be recorded by the lie detector, as the issue “boring”, its content ceases to excite. Knowing what question he can ask, the scout prepares himself and losing sensitivity to such issues. For example, the question “are You a spy?” he can safely reply “no”. However, an experienced examiner, asking a variety of questions, still has a high chance to “split” even a well-trained agent.

But there are known successful examples, in which the scouts, prepared by the system “to fool the polygraph, it is necessary to deceive himself”, to achieve the desired results. Worked in USA for exploration Czechoslovakia and the USSR, the Czech Communist Karel františek of Caher, who managed to infiltrate the CIA to the Department of work in Eastern Europe told how he was trained for intelligence work. Of course, without successful completion of a polygraph test he could even think about how to get a job in the CIA. How is it managed? In 2000, in an interview with Vladimir Malevanny, published in Nezavisimoe Voennoe obozrenie (Independent military review), Keher said was just thinking about dumplings during testing — about young fresh Czech buns with poppy seeds, which he loves. This is to relieve stress. When he was trained by, professionals working with the polygraph explained that imagination can help to fool the polygraph. You only need hard to imagine a nice soothing situation. So Keher did. Then when he told the FBI that the preparation for cheating the polygraph “Soviet-style” in the 1960s included only the two hours of lecture and one demonstration session, he refused to believe that everything is so simple.

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