How to obtain financing and subsidies from the state for your business or startup

has Anyone tried, he knows that at the present time “credits for” your business without collateral is almost impossible.

In terms of when entrepreneurs money in business have become particularly necessary, they are becoming harder to attract. Banks cover existing overdrafts, and private investors business investment is also not considered interesting, as they say, money in the currency or stock market.

At the same time the entrepreneurs face problems of looming obligations to pay for the labor, rentals, and accounts payable and other. Many companies are already experiencing serious problems and will leave the market. Now feel good-only those who have cash reserves, or those who have not touched the problem of the crisis and pandemics. But such units.

What to do to businessmen? There is a valid business, if not maintain the finances for the completion of construction, to upgrade production and launch of a new line, to open new directions, most will not survive, this is only the beginning of the crisis. Yes, and completely new projects will remain on paper for years to come, if not to give support to a good start.

How to maintain, and preferably enhance the business in the current environment?

On the basis of an order of the government of the Russian Federation was organized by the program “Regions — sustainable development” jointly with Sberbank of Russia and JSC Rosselkhozbank in order to support the business in the regions of the Russian Federation, in which entrepreneurs can obtain funding for your business/project on preferential terms guaranteed by the state.

financing Conditions in the framework of the project “Regions — sustainable development”:

the amount of investment in the business/project of 50 million rubles;
financing available for up to 15 years;interest rate — the key of the CBR plus 1-3% (currently 6,5–8,5%);
the share of own funds in the project — 10%;
possible vacation credit for the principal amount of up to 18 months and payment of interest to 9 monthEV;
financing is no collateral guaranteed by the state.

In Novosibirsk representatives of the project “Regions — sustainable development” is “the Transport Agency” in the person of Director Dmitry Viktorovich Kotov.

Entrepreneurs who have Russian accreditation can participate in the program and to obtain funding for your business/project on favorable terms.

You will help with registration of all documents necessary to receive funding for your business, subsidised by the state, and accompany you from the beginning to the receipt of money on account of unnecessary formalities and red tape.

How does this happen?

apply (three A4 pages). The application considered in the administration of the project “Regions — sustainable development” (usually two to three days). Start collecting documents for the project (if you’ve passed this stage, then with probability more than 90% will receive funding). Documents are sent to Moscow for approval. The Agency together with you is the project on Skype expert “Regions — sustainable development”. Receive funding and implement your project.

to get answers to questions or to apply for funding for your business/project, contact the representative of the “Regions — sustainable development” in Novosibirsk:
tel: +7-913-923-28-85, Dmitry Kotov