How to fight the believers in the Great Patriotic

History 18/02/20 How to fight the believers in the Great Patriotic

the Attitude of members of the old believers ‘ Church to participate in the great Patriotic war was not passive, but far from unique. Documentary evidence are the numerous examples of the various spiritually-civil installations on this account.

How to live the old Church before the war
in the first months of

is a Leading researcher and chief archivist at the CSA in Saint-Petersburg, doctor of historical Sciences Mikhail Shkarovsky writes that in the 1930-ies a large part of the old believer Church hierarchy, including the future Archbishop of Moscow and all Russia Rpsts Bishop Irinarch, hermit of Rostov, sat in prisons and camps, many were shot. However, in 1941-m to year the Soviet government gave consent to the restoration of old believer Archbishopric.

Elevated to the rank of Archbishop of Moscow and all Russia Irinarch, as well as other hierarchy of the old believers began to exhort his congregation to get the world to protect the Fatherland from “the ASP and the Basilisk Teutonic” – to go to the front or to join the partisans. In Russian archives there is a document – Christmas message-Bishop Irinarkh (1942) in which he encourages already serving in the red army of believers and encourages other believers to follow their example.

For the war, the believers gathered in the rear of the money (in the defense Fund they were transferred to more than one million rubles). Patriotism ireanarch appreciated even the main atheist Soviet Union, Emelyan Yaroslavsky, who in 1941 wrote an article in “Izvestia” with his characteristic positive evaluation of the contribution of believers to the strengthening of the defense capability of the country (there is a hypothesis that publish this document it is strongly “asked” Stalin himself).

whether conservatives accomplices of the Nazis?

In the book of candidate of historical Sciences Igor Yermolov, which refers to the documented evidence of collaborationism, there is information about the old believers-the accomplices of the Nazis. In particular, the author reports that the particularly active cooperation of believers with the Germans in the North-Western regions of Russia. These believers Nazis used to identify the deployment of guerrilla groups.

Dr. mark Elliott, an American expert on the recent history of Europe and Russia, writes that in one of the old believer villages of Belarus during the Great Patriotic war for some time existed the so-called Zueva Republic, led by Mikhail Zuev. Zuev has United around him the same as he was repressed by Soviet power believers-minded. Fellow Germans pay food tax, and in return the Germans agreed to let them live their lives, to open temples. Partisan “Republicans” to itself is not allowed. The writer Boris Sokolov, which many local historians believe a hoaxer, says that after Zuev and his supporters at the approach of the red army fled with the retreating Germans, the rest of the believers went into the woods with abandoned them to the Nazis weapons and until 1947 continued to fight with the Bolsheviks.

Religious scholar Marina Malafeev celebrates active participation in the partisan struggle of the Moldavian believers (Moldova during the great Patriotic war was occupied by the Romanian army): many of the old believers ‘ village almost at full strength went into the forest, and the monasteries of the faithful turned into a place-based guerrilla groups.

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