How to actually Churchill belonged to the USSR

History 12/01/20 How to actually Churchill belonged to the USSR

Despite the support of the Soviet Union during the Second world war, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called himself “the most consistent opponent of communism.” He was a good friend of the Council, but only a temporary ally, that it is in the spirit of British foreign policy, so he is credited with many phrases regarding the Soviet Union. One of them “Enough to stop Soviet expansion, and they will destroy themselves without any active action from our side”. Given that documentary evidence of such “prophecies,” no, many believe this phrase is a fake. As one of the main allies belonged to the USSR, in fact?

didn’t distinguish Nazism from communism, but promised to help the USSR

Churchill became Prime Minister a year before the beginning of the great Patriotic war – may 10, 1940. June 22, 1941, he addressed the subjects of the British crown at London’s radio, clearly define the country’s position in relation to Hitler’s aggression. Incidentally, Stalin delivered his radio address only on July 3.

In a speech of Winston Churchill (it is published), there was no emphasis on the antagonism of the Soviet and capitalist structures of the world order. However, you said that Nazism and the most radical manifestations of communism – similar phenomena. But Winston Churchill, in his address laid emphasis on the need for an uncompromising struggle against Hitlerism, and in this regard stated: Britain will help Russia than possible. In an emotional speech, Churchill had indicated the scale of the disaster inflicted on the Soviet Union advancing Nazi troops, to the details (on the first day of the great Patriotic war!). Did not exist documentary evidence of the Nazi atrocities on Soviet territory, and the Prime Minister already announced, since the Nazis have already proved themselves in a similar way to other Terrytoreach the Second World war.

Churchill foresaw: if Hitler wins, the Soviet Union, he would take on China and India, and his aggressive appetites will be insatiable geographically. The leitmotif of the London radio addresses of Churchill on the first day of the great Patriotic war: Hitler – the world’s evil; we [UK] – on the Soviet side and will help him in the destruction of Nazism. In July, Churchill sends a letter to Stalin, which contained statements of intent to fully support Britain in the war, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. This was the long preamble of the tripartite (Britain-USA-USSR) negotiations to open a Second front.

Heralded whether Churchill “campogialli” Russian

In February 1945 the famous Yalta conference, the essence of which consisted in the division “skin yet not killed bear”: by that time, it was already clear that the global political and military dominance in the face of Nazi Germany to objective reasons, it loses its place on the world stage.

a Holy place is never empty: power-winners of the state, which had at the time the largest political influence on the planet, divided between spheres of influence. There was a policy and the state of the world, for decades behind the life and development of many States.

it is Important to note that Churchill did against Russia (USSR) and the Russian people at the Yalta conference did not speak.

Why Stalin was “Sharissa”

Harry Reid in the British edition of the Herald, by analyzing the “Fulton speech” Churchill (March 1946), wrote that the Prime Minister deeply admired the valor of the Russian people in the great Patriotic war] and “my friend [during the war] Stalin.” A year later Churchill acknowledged the Western border of the USSR, agreed to “flag it [the Soviet Union] on the seas.”

Providence Churchill, according to Harry Reid, was the fact that this Western leader then outlined the phenomenon of the so-called “iron curtain” descending pbefore the USSR “on the European continent” – Reid allegedly described the “red” shadow, falling, according to the publicist, to the whole world, from West to East.

Reid claimed that Churchill foresaw “cold war” between the USSR and the USA, since immediately after the end of world war II arose the idea of creating a UN peacekeeping force. Churchill, noted Reid, acknowledged the “tremendous sacrifice and courage of the Russians”. But at the same time allegedly warned that they need to fear. Stalin this reaction, to put it mildly, not much.

Waiting for the first days of the war (and, as is well known, repeatedly-delayed) assistance by the allies (“the second front” was officially open only in the summer of 1944), Stalin, according to many local historians, has only strengthened in its geopolitical vision of the borders of the Soviet Union.

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