How the KGB tried to make Faina Ranevskaya his agent

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Many prominent Soviet artists admitted that at the time each of them was summoned to the Lubyanka in order to further cooperation. Not all of them could answer the KGB no. Not denied to the Committee and Ranevskaya. Because of his innate sense of humor and acting Faina made it so that the agents themselves abandoned.

people’s artist and major-General

Contrary to popular belief, the actress Faina Ranevskaya, and the counterintelligence chief Oleg Gribanov were not familiar with each other, if only in absentia. However, at the time when Gribanov decided that Ranevskaya is the most suitable candidate for recruitment, they had a lot in common. So, in 1961, they both received new titles: Gribanov became a major-General, and Ranevskaya, people’s artist.

in addition, Faina and Oleg had a sense of humor and the gift of persuasion. That is why the author of the book “KGB – CIA. Who is stronger,” Igor Atamanenko believes that if Gribanov himself spoke with him, it is unlikely that she would be able to refuse. But to his misfortune, the newly-made General had to meet with the artist to his subordinate by the name of kites.

I’m ready!

How the events of the early 60’s Alex Markelov in his book “Think like Ranevskaya”, Korshunov began from afar. The first thing he told the actress about “evil imperialists” and “spies” who threaten the “bright future” of the country. Faina G., who immediately understood, was indignant, saying, she is already 60, and she offered these things. But Korshunov assured Ranevskaya that she looks much younger than his years. Then the actress came up with another, even more sophisticated excuse.

Maria Korshunova assured that she will gladly accept his offer, but she believes her duty to warn him about some of the difficulties that may arise in the course of their joint work. A well-known journalist Zbigniew Wojciechowski in his book, “Lars, what are you doing?!” wrote that the Faina G. told the KGB officer that she will not be able to perform any tasks. She supposedly lives in a communal apartment but still has a bad habit of talking in your sleep, so afraid that the night will spill all the secrets to the neighbors.

Crazy neighbor

according to Elena Knyazeva, the author of the article “Faina Ranevskaya” included in compilation “of the Individual in history. Russia”, his monologue, the actress has persuaded the employee of state security that it needs to urgently allocate the apartment. After a month I wrote already celebrated the housewarming party: it finally got a separate housing. After moving kites again began to attack Faina Georgievna, but she always managed to postpone the next meeting at the Lubyanka. And soon on the table Gribanova there was a statement from the occupants of the house where he settled Ranevskaya. They argued that the artist does not give them rest: all day screaming that “disposes of all imperialists” as soon as it will be in the ranks of the KGB. After that, Gribanov ordered Korshunova look instead of the crazy Ranevskaya someone else.

According to Igor Atamanenko, after some time kites, learned about who wrote the infamous “collective statement”. It has appeared, its author was the very Ranevskaya. For a couple of bottles of alcohol she hired a local plumber, that he, posing as her roommate, took the paper to the MGB.

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