15.09.2019, Berlin: Ein Berliner Schäfer treibt eine Schafherde vom Haus der Kulturen der Welt bis zum Schloss Bellevue. Die Demonstration ·Schafstag· thematisiert die prekäre Situation der Wanderschäfer. Foto: Carsten Koall/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

If sheep are surprised at anything at all, then the flock in Grunewald is probably not surprised at all anymore. The animals that the fire brigade had mentioned succinctly in a message about the major fire: “In the immediate vicinity of the scene of the incident there was a flock of sheep, which remained on site because the risk to the emergency services in an evacuation would have been too great.”

That didn’t sound good at all, at least not in the sense of the animals, which in contrast to black coats

But things didn’t just end well, they got even better: “The sheep are fine,” said a spokesman for the fire department on Saturday.

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The herd, which is probably a few dozen animals large, grazes on its fenced area in the restricted area, it was said. “They find their own food, otherwise the police will provide them with the water cannon.”

And no, they will not be rained down like the lateral and empty thinkers at the Brandenburg Gate used to be; extinguishing work was also not necessary (we all know that washing wool is a science in itself). Rather, the water cannon took over the supply of drinks. What the capital police stop doing as an animal lover and helper. In Grunewald, hidden from the public by smoke and safety tape, a dream of young and old boys (m/f/d) comes true. According to unconfirmed but gut-felt reliable information, many would give anything else if the water cannon came by at their garden party and shot into the paddling pool, by the way, it comes 65 meters away. But the police aren’t usually there for fun and usually only send out a water cannon if someone seriously gets in trouble. But the sheep in Grunewald don’t suspect anything of that. They stand there, and every now and then someone says “Mah!”, and then they mow the stalks, which should now sprout all the better in the man-made rain.